Damiano Presta

It was by chance and not for a need that the Damiano Presta ‘seven folds’ tie was born. It was 2001 and until then I had always worked in the trade area of world’s most important refined silk companies, but I was not fully satisfied from the quality of such an antonomastic male accessory: the tie.

Since my entry in the reason age I appreciated my father as a tailor, I deeply loved my homeland, and supported the only truly human philosophy: beauty. On a winter night, in front of the fireplace and in the silence of the oak’s ashes, I read in an Elsa Morante’s book this sentence: “The tie is the last bridge between man and phantasy, the last trench between man and barbarity”.

It was a flash of inspiration, I immediately laid the book down and made my bet. I gambled on the strength and the ability of women and men who live the dfficult land of Calabria, and on the obstinacy of their wise hands in producing ties for other companies (the most renowned griffes of the world’s luxury) in the small medieval village of Torano Calabro. After just a few years, thanks to the experience of producing for the top of the world, an absolute perfect utcome was born: the Damiano Presta Seven Folds, a real triumph of Made in Italy.

In order for my first showroom to find its natural location I chose the synthesis and the sum of the Italian Genius, the Eternal City: Rome.